Frequently Asked Questions
When is the Lacrosse Season? +

Lacrosse is a spring sport and per FHSAA guidelines, the first date for practice/tryouts can be no sooner than January, 2018. The season usually concludes in early April. Season schedules are currently being finalized. Please check with your club for tryout/practice dates but all clubs will follow the FHSAA schedule as much as possible.

What is "PLA"? +

PLA Stands for "Pinellas Lacrosse Alliance" and is the organization working with Pinellas County
Public Schools to manage the transition of high school lacrosse from a club sport to an FHSAA sanctioned sport beginning with the 2019 or 2020 spring season. PLA are a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
The all-volunteer board is composed of lacrosse parents and community members who seek to grow the game of lacrosse in Pinellas County by providing the opportunity for high school athletes to play lacrosse
as a school sport.

Why do we need a PLA? +

Pinellas County Schools needs a single entity to work with to introduce this new sport. As our schools are run at the County level, individual schools could not introduce an official sport without sufficient interest at the County level. PLA was formed in the summer of 2017 to work with the County to negotiate a
formal agreement, and represent all schools considering Lacrosse as a sport.

The key point is that all schools participating in PLA are dependent on each other to make FHSAA lacrosse happen in Pinellas County. An individual school cannot do this on its own – each school needs the other PLA schools to field teams in order to maintain the sport, and grow it.

Who "runs" PLA? +

PLA has a Board, which consists of volunteer parents with boys and girls at different schools within the County. The Board meetings are typically on a monthly basis at a central location to Board members. Currently, the Core Board members are strategic to the schools in the pilot program.

  • Paul Metzheiser, PLA President
  • Xavier Pujol, PLA Vice President
  • Kerry Dano, PLA Secretary & St. Pete LC 
  • John Matzke, Director of Outreach,  Gulf Coast Chapter/US Lacrosse
  • Tammy Simonsen, Treasurer
  • Robert Warchola, Legal Adviser
  • Drew Wagner, At -Large
  • Dan Mayer, At – Large
  • Ed Sesi, At – Large
  • Sue Metzheiser, At – Large

PCA Board meetings are open to anyone interested, and we're always looking for volunteers to help.


What equipment will players need? +

Girls will need to provide their own complete stick, cleats, and socks. Boys will need to provide their own complete stick, cleats, socks, gloves, and elbow pads.

What equipment do I need? +

helmets, shoulder pads, and gloves for players on the team.  Players will need to provide their own lacrosse stick, cleats, and elbow/arm pads.

Lacrosse Season
When is the lacrosse season? +


Lacrosse is a spring sport and per FHSAA guidelines, the first date for practice/tryouts can be no sooner than January  2019, with the first regular season game no sooner than Feb, 2019. The last date for regular season games are late spring 2019 followed by playoffs.

Please check with your school for tryout/practice dates.

Are there boys and girls teams at each school? +

Each school will have a girls Varsity team and a boys Varsity team. There are no JV teams.

Which high schools are included? +


Currently we have 4 schools participating which include Palm Harbor University, Eastlake High School, Clearwater High School & St Petersburg High School. With more intrests coming in every week.

How many players on a lacrosse team? +

Lacrosse teams have 10 players on the field – 3 attack (offensive players), 3 midfield (both offense and defense), 3 defense, and a goalie.  PCLA teams will be limited to 25 players on each team, due to FHSAA rules.

The Game
Is Lacrosse a boys or a girls sport? +

Lacrosse can be played by boys and girls teams – the sports have different rules and equipment, but the objective is the same in both.

How can I learn the sport ? +

PLA will be working with the clubs to arrange for clinics this year to allow new players to learn the basics (throwing, catching, ground balls).  See www.pc4lax.org for more info, and to sign up for the mailing list.